Halos' Hellish Happenings #1
What's better than good news and better advice? Bad news and worse advice; the true definition of the blind leading the blind. It's Halos Kyong, everybody!

- From : Ariellanna Oriland

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Lukan Everaux

Lukan Everaux A wonderful piece of sound writing. I must admire your mind, Halos.

Elio Kyong

Elio Kyong Hm. Not bad for Halos, but I guess I should lower my standards again.(all /j as well bc what a slayage of a blog, it's my new favorite thing now B))

Rheia Kyong

Rheia Kyong Better advice from a *smarter* Kyong.... don't have a twin brother. I do have to reluctantly agree with overall not having siblings, though. (all /j, love the article u.u)

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