Online Sarah J. Maas RPG Universe.

Illyrian babies, Territorial Fae Males, arrogant assassins and handsome high lords. That is what you will find when you enter the world of High Fae. Whether in the kingdoms of Terrasen and Doranelle, the Land of Witches or the Home of Humans, magic is everywhere to be found. Learn to hone your skills and harness your power as you venture through the lands, perhaps with the aim of becoming the most notorious of all races.

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Unique friendships

Each and every adventurer on World of High Fae have one thing in common: A love of all things Sarah J Maas! Meet others from across the world who share the same love for Sarah's Universe as you, all while exploring her immersive world for yourself! Perhaps you'll even find yourself some Cadre worthy friends along the way!

Active chat

Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. What adventures have your fellow Maasassins embarked on today? Maybe you'll even hear the latest gossip hot off the press!


Build your character through topics! Whether it's in heart of Rifthold or the Prythian Courts anything is possible? The only limit? Your Imagination! (Almost)

Victories & Levels

Earn some amazing Victories and show them off to your friends as a symbol of pride! Gain experience and level up and discover the latest functions on World of High Fae. The higher level you achieve, the more prestigious you become!


Browse through Mor's Boutique, or wander through Terrasen's Trinket Trove before stopping by Emrys' Pastries for a bite to eat! If you're an animal lover, Lysandra's Menagerie is definitely the place to be! And if you pride yourself on your skills in Combat, Chaol's Armory has everything you could ever dream of!


Study the History of the Realms and the lay of the lands in our Geography class! Submit homework to show off your knowledge in Magic or maybe demonstrate your talents in the Arts! With 16 different classes, there's something for everyone here on World of High Fae!


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at this email: [email protected]