Quiz Time - Edition 1

- From : Velina Bliss

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Kyra Altair

Kyra Altair Woah how interesting! I apparently belong to the autumn court!

Nephele Cyrillon

Nephele Cyrillon It's winter court for me! I love this new blog!

Ellisya Glandore

Ellisya Glandore I am half Winter and half Summer XD Guess it makes sense with mine and Archer's magic

Thalia Wilson

Thalia Wilson I am Summer Court! Although that was only 2 Bs XD

Sapphire Nightshade

Sapphire Nightshade Mine was a mix of autumn and summer, cause I got equal Bs and Cs. And it fits!

Katrien Dhara

Katrien Dhara Seems like the Winter Court for me as well- I do love the winter! And this is a lovely blog <3

Laelys Duponte

Laelys Duponte Summer Court for me! Exciting, I love summer and its warmth and beauty~

Coba Hortensius

Coba Hortensius Oh this is such a cool concept for a blog! I always thought I would be in the Summer Court but looks like the Winter Court is the one for me! No surprise there though, I do come from a hometown that gets lots of snow. <3

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