Halos' Hellish Happenings #2
What's better than good news and better advice? Bad news and worse advice; the true definition of the blind leading the blind. It's Halos Kyong, everybody!

- From : Ariellanna Oriland

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Alatus Moon

Alatus Moon As an individual of higher authority than whoever this Halos Kyong thinks he is, I hereby declare the banning of the art of gardening to be prohibited. All those practicing the art of banning the art of gardening will be held responsible for their own actions and face subsequent consequences. End of proclamation.

Elio Kyong

Elio Kyong Hey Halos, you have a mullet.

Caelestis Silvaire

Caelestis Silvaire Oh, I feel honored to be pre-approved, I think :0 I will write you a wonderful pop-up book, if you'd like.

Rheia Kyong

Rheia Kyong Snort, most attractive of your siblings... very amusing. Quite the assumption from you, there. Personally, I find the mullet rather garish- but I suppose I would expect nothing less from you, brother.

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