Written In the Stars: Issue 3
Hello! Welcome to Written in the Stars, where we give you a short snippet from our mind based on any sort of writing prompts that YOU provide. It could be about anything at all! This issue is just to give people the chance to realize that if you put your mind to it, you could write about anything and everything! I hope you enjoy it!

- From : Riley Dragon

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Khaelan Hylande

Khaelan Hylande Now I want waffles....Amazingly done again lovelies <3

Leila Ashbrook

Leila Ashbrook Oh wow, so interesting. I would love to hear about "dangerous animals"

Blaise Winter

Blaise Winter This was amazing! And...."snowflake" for the next prompt

Loreleia Eilthyra

Loreleia Eilthyra That was a great article! Also, 'bow ties' ♥

Zhayvnixx Hylas

Zhayvnixx Hylas This was so great! Well done! Hmmm duckies for the next writing prompt :3

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