A Class And A Half - Edition Two

- From : Caspian ZeVouilles

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Thalia Wilson

Thalia Wilson When can I learn more about this? I can't wait

Coco Stone

Coco Stone I love this class! Odelia is an awesome Council member and she teaches it perfectly!

Kyra Altair

Kyra Altair What an exciting class! Some may even say, it's magical!

Aileen Addington

Aileen Addington Wow! I can’t wait to take this class ^^

Ellisya Glandore

Ellisya Glandore This class had my interest! Now I can't wait for it to be taught!

Alexandra Calimeris

Alexandra Calimeris I looove this blog! Classes are what makes WoX sites WoX sites, and interviews are from a Council Member’s aka lime’s perspective, so it gives a lot more out than just as a regular student! Can’t wait for the next edition! <3

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