Guess Who

Volume 6

Welcome to Guess Who!

In this blog, you will be given three to five hints every week. These hints are based on a character from either the Throne of Glass series of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Can you guess who this person is?

Find the answer and send your guess in a fox mail to me, Thalia Kayleigh Wilson, within five days. On the sixth day, the character will be announced on Instagram and perhaps other platforms too and on the seventh day, I will be here with a new blog, a new character and the answer to who you could have guessed this week! There might even be a gift involved!

Are you ready for the hints? And remember, you have five days to send me a fox letter!


♔ Is one of three sisters
♔ Wasn't born in the Court she lives in
♔ Can't endure a bath


Last Week:

A Lady of Adarlan and a profound healer! Last week was, ofcourse, about Lady Yrene Westfall!!! She grew up in Fenharrow and met Aelin when they were both 'children'. Aelin, who is the Queen of Terrasen, taught Yrene the basics of self-defence and gave her enough money to go to the Southern Continent and practice her healing magic!

Congratulations if you guessed it right! Those who gave the correct answer will get a small gift soon!


Signing off...

Thalia Wilson
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