The Not-So-Confidential Events Of My Life

Incident #2: my school days involve almost dropping the veritas

Okay, okay. I know what everyone’s going to say, and it’s going to be along the lines of ‘what were you THINKING?’ For the record, yes, I was thinking. But it had to do more with the fact that I’d been asked to cover Magical Objects, wayyyy back when Killian was still the Council Member for that - that was forever ago.

Fine, maybe I hadn’t been asked, and maybe it had been more along the lines of “ I heard from Mallory who’d heard it from Lee who’d heard it from Caspian who’d heard it from Killian that the Magical Objects course needed someone to temporarily take over for a day.” And maybe it had taken a lot of begging - er, whittling them down with my superior intellect - to get them to agree. I gently convinced (overrode the Illyrians’ opinions) and fought my way into teaching for the day.

So I arrived not only late, but I also decided to pick up the Veritas, just to scare some children. In my defence, they’re not super young, and I knew perfectly well what I was doing. Or so I say. Because I could, I tossed it back and forth until my fingers slipped, even though I’d just had a perfectly fine grip on it, and then the super-important object went absolutely hurtling towards the floor!

If you’ve never seen a group of teenagers and young adults collectively fear for their life, I’d say that nearly smashing an old important thing is a pretty good way to start. It was a pretty good way for me to start, at least.

I managed to save it in time - thank the gods for magic! - and put it in the box and promptly did not touch it again. I feel like a vaguely important detail to mention is that I did not, in fact, have permission to take the Veritas into the lesson. Killian did not know I had the Veritas. Is he going to read this? Oh, gods spare me. Killian, if you’re reading this, I definitely did have permission and legal whatever taken care of, just have a bit more faith in me, yeah?

Anyways, the Veritas is back where it needs to be, and I have not touched it since then! I know, I did pretty well, didn’t I?

Written by Ariellanna Oriland | Edition #2
coded by Issie